I will admit. You are a good looking guy. You have that going for you. You also back it up with talk that you're a ladies man. Chicks dig you. Chicks want sex from you. But talk is talk. I'll never know if you're stories are true. You're kinda nice. At least you can act nice to get what you want, probably. But listening to you talk the way you do about women, I truly don't see what a woman would like about you other than your looks. Because you're kind of, a chauvinist pig as they say, but as I said, you can act nice and I bet the ladies dig it. It's also not my place to tell you anything. I met you once. We aren't friends. Maybe because I'm a guy you think all guys like talking that way and that's what guys do. Sorry, I don't call ladies bitches. I don't say how Russian girls are the hottest but what bitch ass attitudes they have. Then when they get old and after having kids, they get fat and round faces. Or how if I'm fucking a chick that chick better only be fucking me while I'm fucking her. Besides, after hearing all the other judgments you had about skateboarders or non black thugs, I can't see why a bitch would want to fuck you. Well, I guess there are a lot of bitches out there that like that kind of treatment. Like how bitches don't care how men look, they just want money. It takes all kinds, I suppose. Maybe you have a huge cock. But they couldn't know that by looking at you? Some chicks don't even like huge cocks.