it seems to me the only people who hate an out-of-stater are the very people who base their personal cultural-fortitude on their travels, and get this, the places they've lived. I do it. I find no harm. I've lived in several places very different from Portland and I think I am a better person because of it. BUT, I'm not hating every person I see drive in with California or Idaho plates.

You don't get it both ways. You don't get to grow up in Portland, go to college out of state, go backpacking in Europe for three months, work for a co-op in Colorado for a year, just to return to Portland so you can put a "NATIVE" sticker on the bumper of your 89' Suburu.

News flash, Portland is a college town. PSU, OHSU, U of P, PNCA, AI, REED, should I continue? You know what each college town has? 1) a school. 2) students from all over. 3) local economy driven by the service industry and window shopping. 4) excessive drinking and abundance of bars and breakfast spots. 5) fad-like sports spectatorship. Yup, I think we fit in. Just because you studied philosophy in the 90's and your slinging drinks at a dive to a premed student with a cali license doesn't mean they suck. It doesn't mean you suck either. Make your coin and get your good vibes and quit shitting on peoples worlds.