To the four people who sat in my row at the revival screening tonight of Jason and the Argonauts (1963) laughing a little too hysterically at literally every shot of the film: what is funny?

I guess if you've never seen a film from the 1960's you might not be used to certain stylistic aspects of films from that era (dialogue, effects, wardrobe, hair styles) but this is a classic epic and actually good film, based on Greek myth, and... it's not a comedy.

Maybe if you were laughing intermittently, but you seemed to think this was the funniest comedy ever made, laughing so loudly and forcedly that I wondered if your head was going to fall off like the skeleton warriors Jason fights in the climax of the film. FYI not every old movie showing is for kitsch purposes.

I'm not saying Ray Harryhousen's stop motion masterpiece is a sacred cow, but give some consideration to the artists who created this piece of cinema history as well as the rest of the audience, and stay at home with a MST3K episode next time.