The Republicans have smeared the Clintons so much over the past 20+ years that's it's actually having an affect on so-called liberals. But here's the thing: NOTHING'S EVER BEEN PROVEN. How much taxpayer money was wasted on the Benghazi hearings? MILLIONS! And yet, nothing was every proven.

It's like if I called Joe at the office a scoundrel and a miscreant for 20+ years, DUMB people at the office would eventually think he is, although there's not a bit of proof of it.

"I hear Joe is a scoundrel… better not trust him."

"Well Joe, your work performance review is bad this year because, you know, it's gotten around that you're a bit shady and whatnot."

"God I'm an idiot who believes gossip, and that Joe guy… lock him up!"

Just because the Republicans have made a 2-decade concerted effort to smear the Clintons doesn't meant what they say is true. The Republicans have thrown enough shit at them that some of it's finally sticking, and idiot liberals have started to believe it.