Your baby thinks she's super cute. You think she is the cutest thing on earth. I bet she thinks she's super cute because you tell her she's such a cutie. She doesn't speak. But she points and smiles at everyone and everything. The way she looks at everyone with those adorable eyes. Then when she puts on pink sunglasses, she is quite a star. How can we resist that? Can't we see that she just wants people to give her attention? Can't we see she just wants to play, maybe a little peekaboo?

There's always one sucker goo goo and gaa gaa over her. Waving, smiling, and laughing with her. Most times they don't talk to her or you. Every now and then, a person asks "how old is she?"

But most of us don't care. Most of us aren't paying attention to her. Sometimes we can't help it because she'll get in our face, demand attention, and wonder why we aren't playing with her. Most of us are trying to avoid her gaze of such beautiful wonderment.

My thoughts are going, I want to punch her in the nose. Stop looking at me, weirdo.
Good night baby. Sweet dreams and sleep tight, cutie.