Your prices went up $2 for all your meal selections. That's from $5.50 to $7.25. Really? Why? You have every right to do it, I suppose. I have every right to not buy your food. I'm too busy to cook or prepare my own meals. I also have a limited chef cookbook so eating different foods to satisfy taste buds is essential. I won't buy something from Safeway because I know it'll be cheaper at Fred Meyer. Sometimes I have to just give in to buying that ripoff soda from the convenient store because it's convenient. It's the same with buying food. Sometimes I just have to give in to eat something tasty that I can't make or too busy or tired to make. What's my point? Why am I complaining? I guess as long as l have that extra dough, yeah, it's nice to treat myself a little. By the looks of alot of people, so careless with their money and dumb shoppers. My question is, is it worth it? Like the movies, is it worth it the price of admission and food/drinks just for that experience? With me, its not about eating out for social reasons because I don't. I am a get it to go person. I recently spent $6 on chicken kaarage. I got my order, looked at those 4 tiny pieces of chicken, that was not worth it. It was good. I spent $11 on a katsu curry. If I'm spending that much on one meal, I'd hope for leftovers. I spent $12 on a thai beef salad. Great but maybe not worth it. I can make a chicken laab but it's just not as good as a thai can. I spent $3.45 for a bagel with creamcheese. That was stupid!