I submitted an I anonymous post back around 2003. I was into my 2nd year of living in Portland at the time. I am originally from Madison. Wi. and spent a few years in the S/W before moving into an apartment by PGE Park. The post back then was a simple declaration of my enjoyment for the city and that with so many slackers, artists, unemployables, ignorant asshats, druggies and a large rank of unmotivated folks- I was always going to have strong employment opportunities and enjoyable female companionship. Now I live in my own home in Laurelhurst, have an awesome job which pays six figures, bulked up my retirement account and am very happy with the ladies.
Well my big thank you is due to the fact that moving here was one of the best decisions I ever made. The Portland of 2016 still works for me as it did back in 2003. I pay my taxes, volunteer and work in an industry that helps peoples' health. Thank you PDX!