Not the three- way you had in mind, is it, Gunslinger? Yeah, I slept with her. She's really wonderful, isn't she? The way she moves, the sounds she makes, where she puts her hands. And then afterward, she told me her dinghy little stories: the crappy places you had off Mason and Foster, her crappy jobs at Dollar Store, and so on. Mostly though, she told me what a terrible man you are. Your violence toward her. Your raging jealousy if someone else spoke to her. How you'd scream at her in public How all you want to do is hang out at the dispensary and talk up your tattoos. She said she actually enjoyed the company of a man whose skin was clear and not all inked up. Maybe she's back with you-for now. But she'll get tired of abuse again, and she'll look for a decent guy in a white hat to ride off into the sunset.