I'm a 32 year old married masculine man. By masculine I mean full beard, stocky, bulky arms, broad shoulders, deep voice, etc.

You would never know it if you met me, but I cross-dress in private. Wife doesn't know. I've spent a lot of money on this fetish of mine. I have a locked chest, which I keep behind a locked door to a spare office at work that I use for a personal storage. My chest has a variety of sex toys, lingerie, panties, masks, variety of clothing like skirts and blouses. It has sexy costumes in it, wigs, makeup, perfume, basically the whole nine-yards.

I have a tumblr where I document my dress up. I also arrange hook ups in cheap motels with guys on craigslist. I give them head. It's kind of awkward because I usually wear a mask, but their are guys who are into it. I started dressing up in my moms panties when I was in the 6th grade. It was inevitable that I'd find myself doing the things I do today. Still, I love my wife...even though I own nicer panties than her and I can throat a man better.

She's pregnant. Soon, I will be a father and still be doing this. and for some reason, that makes me feel more guilty.