Dear certain construction company that has been doing work across the street all summer. There have been the typical inconveniences: noise, closed sidewalks, blaring music, less parking, trash from your site blowing into my front yard, cigarette smoke blowing through my open windows. Expected inconveniences under the circumstances. I don't have a driveway so I park on the street. When one of your contractors backed into my station wagon and shattered the very back window, you said you wouldn't pay for it because I can't prove you did it. Never mind that nothing else could have done it. Honestly, the car is a piece of shit, the window is worth more than the car. However, with regular coolant refills it gets me to my job working with kids every day. The job that pays me twice my rent after taxes. When I look at the two new 5+ bedroom houses you're building across the street it makes me sad. At least you could try to be good neighbors.