I'm sorry I called you a jacka$$, but it was the nicest adjective I could think of given your public display of pugnacious, entitled behavior. We thought we were on a relaxing Sunday evening stroll until we encountered you and your loose dog in the Concordia neighborhood. We stopped and waited to see which way you were going so my leashed dog could avoid interacting with your loose dog, but your dog fixed its stare on us and bee-lined towards us, head below the shoulders, body tense and hackles raised- body language that my dog trainer would consider reactive. We kept trying to move away, but your dog was quickly advancing and you made no move to get it under your control, so my boyfriend stepped between us and tried calling the dog away. Your dog went rigid in front of him and started audibly growling. So you can see my confusion that when I said 'please get your dog,' this was the part of the scenario that you deemed inappropriate. Instead of saying "I'm sorry, I'm coming," you decided to loudly start verbally berating and intimidating us. "Did you tell me to get my dog?!! My dog is friendly to everyone! Why don't you tell me why you're so afraid of dogs, huh? Why are you so afraid of dogs? YOU need to train YOUR DOG if he can't handle another dog coming up to him!!"

I'm sorry I called you a jacka$$. I meant you're a cretinous a$$clown. Please don't breed (dogs or humans).