Ok Portland cyclists this is directed entirely at you, not the cars for a change. I ride the Rose Quarter bike route across the Steel Bridge along the water to PSU area most days of the week. Though it be nice on a normal day, it would be especially appreciate on days with torrential rainfall if you'd just slow down. Yes you got lights, a helmet, bright vest, and all the fancy do-dads. The whole area from Convention Center to the other side of the bridge is a zig zagging close quarters pedestrian strewn horrible bicycle pile up waiting to happen. There is no reason you need to be hauling ass, and trying to get around the person in front of you to be, hey! a few more feet ahead, with another person in front you, and another in front of them, and so on, and so forth. It isn't a race, it's a commute for a lot of people. Do not leap frog when the trail is 100 people deep. Just slow the fuck down, and go with traffic, and for god's sake stay in your mother fucking lane, you wouldn't do it in a car on a busy highway, you shouldn't do it on a bike. It's wet, slippery, and there is a lot of metal grates, man holes, etc. Better to keep it slow, and safe. Shit heads. Oh, and fuck you. Yea...you!