(Read Part 1 First)

And if you're all dead by the next election, I'm going Weekend at Bernie's 3 on all your asses. I’ll personally drag Bernie's lifeless corpse across the country stumping for his cause. BTW, that lifeless corpse will have far more energy and vitality than either Trump or Clinton’s current campaigns.

This election, and the next, are about fixing the mess the baby boomers left behind. They fucked us, and clearly, we can trust them to fix the mess they left behind. Bernie tried, but we let him down. We owe it to him to hold these fucks accountable. And by “these fucks,” I mean you Hillary. You’ll win in November, but will everyone that supported Bernie win?

Here’s your chance to make things right. You’re no angel, but you’re not irredeemable. Don’t be the stain on the American consciousness that Trump has become. And if it can’t be done (by you), then level with Americans, let them know that their votes don’t mean shit.

You fuckers that send us to war, but never go to war yourselves, owe us that. You fuckers that take money from the corporations that fleece Americans, but not you, owe us that. You fuckers that don’t pay taxes, but take and waste our money, owe us that.