I once witnessed two street kids running for the max at the lents stop. They were a few feet away from the drivers window and the max took off. Later, as I was on the max, I saw a man with a walker inching his way across the tracks. We were stopped and continued to not move. Yup, the driver waited for this guy. This guy wasn't even on the platform like those street kids. Trimet doesn't discriminate either. Another time, at llyod center I was running for the max, got there, was pushing the open door button just as it closed, with someone else behind me. We were right by the driver window. The other person was even talking to the driver. The max took off. I finally complained and got the excuse that during certain hours of the day, and especially at the lloyd stop, drivers must keep to a schedule and can't allow late arrivals. While I get it, my late arrival was at 11am, not rush hour, uncrowded max. Then the discrimination towards street kids versus an old man. Don't preach you're fucking hypocrisy and arbitrariness. Some drivers wait.

Let me just say this, a matter of seconds. Let me also say this, the max is always fucking late, that's if it's not early. Or it's always experiencing technical or electrical problems if not delays. Bullshit max. You're never on time. Like this time, I'm calling trip planner. Max arriving in 6 minutes. Max arriving in 2 minutes now, for 14 minutes. Thanks for making me miss my connection because of your delay.