I was out the other night with some friends and some people I didn't know. This one person was super argumentative and had to make a debate out of almost every comment made. We were all just trying to relax and have a good time, but this person would have none of it.

One thing this person said caught me off guard, and seemed pretty outrageous. They said that "Ties were an aggressive part of the patriarchy because it's a giant arrow pointing down to a man's penis and forcing women to notice it. Men are eye-raping them with their ties pointing down at their penises."

I've never heard anything like this before and was taken aback. I've been a staunch Liberal all my life who believes in equality for all people and yes, I wear ties to work. Now I'm all self-concious about what this person claimed.

Was this person just an annoying whacko, or is there really a basis to this claim that ties are somehow oppressive?