Ok Mr. Trump, prove us incorrect. Prove to us that you understand that you have to president not only to your rich pals on Wall Street but to us too, the 51 million people who voted against you. Maybe, after all, we were mistaken about you. Here are some suggestions.

1. Persuade your toadies in Congress to pass a $ 50 billion infrastructure repair bill, a billion for each state. While they're at it, another $50 billion for rebuilding America's manufacturing base, both programs paying prevailing wages and paid back by the income taxes generated.
2.Neutralize North Korea without a war so its nuclear threat isn't a threat anymore. Likewise ISIS, Iran, Al-Qaida, and all the other crazies that hate America.
3. Since well over half of America is black, brown, yellow, red, LGBT, and female, with combinations therein, appoint persons to your Administration representative of those groups, not just 60 year- old white men.
4.Show us that the Republican Party can be FOR something, just not against everything.
5. Donate your $400,000 presidential salary to charity. You certainly don't need the cash.

Thanks for reading, Don. We'll be watching.