It has to be in plain sight. It has to be obvious. You must notice how I feel about you. But of course it doesn’t matter because we work together. We’re colleagues, comrades, teammates. We’re old enough to know better. And we both know it’s always a mistake to fall for coworkers.
But that aside, I can’t stop thinking about you: the curve of your neck, the buttons on your blouse. I wonder what it would be like to hold you close and smell your perfume, or run my fingers through your hair. I wonder what it would be like-one time-my arm around your shoulder, your head on my chest. Candlelight on your features, rain on the window.

But those things will never happen.You're with someone else. Apparently, that most recent and newest special someone. You’re so nice, so considerate; I hope he treats you like a goddess. I hope it’s not that he fucks you when he feels like it and ignores you the rest of the time.
That aside, here I am, close enough for you see if you look. And know this: if you smiled at me, if you put your hand on my arm, I’d be yours forever.