I'm Such and Unique Individual and Patriot!


Youre as big a cliche as the dipshit you are stereotyping.
@Snickerdoodle: So the IA is a cliche for pointing out right-wing cliches? Does that mean that you're also a cliche for calling out a person who is a cliche, pointing out another person for being a cliche?
That's a bit of a reach, Doug. And it's the dehumanizing of other people who hold contrary beliefs that I object to. Not the politics or philosophies themselves. Distilling another person down to a few stereotypes is not a progressive or uplifting value. It's actually harshly counterproductive to the goal of recapturing the political trajectory of our country.

The IA cliche is of a smarmy liberal condescendingly reducing people to a caricature of a knuckle dragging troll because they"know better".

They may actually know better, but the attitude is insufferable.

@Snickerdoodle: And you calling the writer a "swarmy liberal" and object of the IA a "dip-shit" and "knuckle dragging troll" is somehow within your levels of acceptance? Good to know...
You're the dipshit and knuckle dragging troll enjoy is obviously writing this tripe. Fail for commenting on your own IA.
Well that deescalated quickly. I knew you really didn't believe what you preached. You're just as foul-mouthed and petty as those you criticize. Also good to know...
I'm responding to someone trolling me as a hypocrite. What do you expect? Compassion and empathy? Start a discussion on politics and I'll compose myself accordingly.
Bait me and say I told you so and you're just being an asshole. Assholes don't get polite replies.
Just taking you at your word, Snickerdoodle...

"It's the dehumanizing of other people who hold contrary beliefs that I object to."
"Swarmy liberal"
"Knuckle dragging troll"

Not sure how you square your contradictory comments, but I guess that's up to you and the god of your own choosing, ain't it?

This back and forth with you has grown tiresome. Good day.
It's so interesting to me that people who author these type of things denounce prejudice and stereotyping, but it's all they do. They praise social justice martyrdom, but the basic principle of live and let live escapes them. Different values are the building blocks to a productive society and a diverse culture. Even the most celebrated social philosophers have said being progressive is only such that old ideals still exist. If a person is proud to be an American, assuming they are a law abiding citizen, you're personal politics should be immaterial to that persons personal choices. If someone declares they are pro-life, and you declare you are pro-choice, who is to be the judge? Why does their need to be one? Why can't person A believe something and person B believe something? Why does person B believe in the fundamental elements of our constitution and all laws passed since then making it legal for all persons to vote, choose their gender, choose their career, choose their religion, and choose their own ethics/moral principles, but when it comes to a non-minority white person who opts to believe in something they identify ass being the "oppressor" that persons values are no longer legitimate?

I don't like conservatives who stand outside planned parenthood shaming people. They are scum to me. But so is the person who will immediately jump to the conclusion that a person is somehow less than (body shaming, education shaming) because of their personal politics.
That was much more eloquent way to say what I was trying to convey slowtosink. I am personally progressive but have friends who aren't. They are intelligent people with well constructed belief systems that are logical and work well in their lives. I just happen to disagree with them. Knowing that the IA is in effect dehumanizing my friends makes him/her a much more intolerant asshole than the people he/she is insulting. Which is hypocritical because that the label placed on those who are stereotyped.

Anyways, I got sidetracked and fed a troll named Doug. Lost my cool and lost the argument. Thanks for the comment, slow.
I'm not necessarily sure that the average republican truly exhibits the live and let live principle. They talk about it a lot, but don't walk the walk.