Hire Me, Hire Me Pot


They should give alcohol tests to because alcohol is far and beyond more worse for the workplace then weed ever will be!
Are you registered with the Oregon medical marijuana program?
Even if they were, Oregon law doesn't require employers to "make accommodations" for medical users. So they don't.
I can't tell if you are upset because employers won't let you get high, treat your condition, at work???

If not, still, your mental function is proven to be impaired the day after you smoke marijauna. Which makes you not such a good or safe investment for an employer.

Try CBD oil. Most of the same benefits without the dirty UAs, the obvious slowed speech, and the stigma.
Making accommodations for licenses medical users is the best you can hope to get until a) weed is federally legalized or at least decriminalized and b) we get better testing methods in place for impairment. As it stands, we don't have effective methods with a legal precedent in place that measure impairment at the time of a accident/incident. Just one that says you've smoked sometime in the last 1-4 weeks. So unlike most substances where you can test immediately following an accident and have a solid measure of whether you were sober (i.e. do you carry any fault due to substance use), weed just gets banned full stop.

I really don't understand how so many people get it in their heads that it's state sanctioned discrimination. It's purely, 100% an insurance liability thing. Especially with larger companies, the difference in insurance costs when you drug test and when you don't is significant. It's not a company asserting some kind of ethical standard against you (at least 99% of the time).
Maybe stop talking about it in the interview? Or at work? And yes, CBD oil if the issue is that you're obviously high at your job from the medicine. I understand the desire to trainblaze for a just concept, but they don't let you work zonked on oxycontin or drunk, either.
Even if a person has a prescription, say, to treat insomnia, that use off-duty will still rule them out for employment in these instances. Oregon law makes no protections for prescriptions whatsoever.
There are plenty of companies which don't drug test (or don't care about a positive weed result if they do). I'm job hunting myself currently and actively NOT applying to companies which drug test, just on principle.

My kid just got a job at a large fast food chain, no drug test required. Whatever your field (unless it involves driving or operating other heavy machinery) there are companies which elect to respect the privacy of their employees by not requiring them to pee in a cup on demand. Hell, get a job in a dispensary!

Do a little research. If you really want to work, weed discrimination is no excuse.

BTW, isn't there legislation being considered to make it illegal for employers to condition employment on a negative test for any substance which is legal in the state? Or did that die already?
1) Have a look at BOLI v Emerald Steel.
2) Put more effort into proper capitialisation and punctuation in your writing and typing.