Blame PPS


If you are just passing the cost along to your renters, then why be upset they got what they voted for? Seems like a good deal for you.
With rent increases of 30% (or more) I'm finding myself hard pressed to feel sorry you. Now you have another "reason" to raise rents. I'm sure you'll find a way to profit and barely scrape by...
Do the math, y'all. The bond will add $1.40 per $1,000 of ASSESSED (not market - these can be wildly different based on where you live and when your home was built) property value. Which means that I will pay $252 more per year based on my home's assessed value of $180,000. I'm willing to bet this slumlord's properties are probably assessed at an even lower value, unless he's a chowderhead who made a dumb purchasing decision.

I'm looking forward to seeing him justify a > $20 per month rent increase with "Waaah, taxes are HARDD!" You want to raise rent based on the market? Go right ahead, but don't try to shift the blame onto the mean old voters, ya whiny ass titty baby.

Also, keep in mind that property tax (as well as mortgage interest, depreciation, etc.) can be deducted from your taxes when you own rental property.

Also also, by insinuating that non-property owners shouldn't be able to vote, this guy is creeping perilously close to some blatantly racist and frightening ideas about how the franchise should be limited to pre-Civil War eligibility.
I feel like this is a pretty valid point. Especially in conjunction with the rant below. People don't vote, and then lose their shit when rents go up (which fairly, hasn't been about increased tax burden on landlords and lately is more of a opportunistic money grab). Who do you think pays taxes? The other guy? When tax measures are on the ballot, if you don't want to pay more money to live where the taxes are implemented, go vote against it or move. Your landlord isn't going to eat those taxes so you can continue to maintain your current monthly budget. He/she is going to pass that along to YOU and rightfully so. You are a citizen living in a district where taxes were just increased on property. You live on property? Ok. Now you pay more to live there.
"bonds and taxes that RENTERS get to vote on are the sole burden of PROPERTY OWNERS" -- Ummm.... PO's pass the burden on to renters through their rent, as you claim, and yet are also magically the SOLE burden holders!? That makes no fucking sense.
hashtag, he was saying all property owners, i.e., people who own the homes they live in, not just property owners who own rental property. Renters get to vote to increase the taxes of folks who own their own homes but aren't landlords too.