To the guy who attempted to exit 205 NB to 84EB this morning.

Boy, that curb just came outta nowhere didn't it? Maybe you thought you could miss it. My guess is you didn't even know it was there. Until you hit it.

I score it as follows:
air time: 3/10. You caught some air. Could have been better though. Not sure if you hit it with both wheels or just the driver side. You launched a little off kilter andI saw the drivers side wheel was done.

flair: 8/10. The shower of sparks that erupted from underneath your little sedan was the best part of the show! You got an Oooo and ahhhh outta me for that one! Hope it wasn't a cross member or the oil pan which caught the brunt of that one.

This is why we don't attempt to exit the freeway at 70mph from the fast lane!