Note: 3 out of 4 employees at 3 out of 4 locations. Then I envision the amount of ineptitude in this whole world and how much employees just DO NOT pay attention. No wonder Americans must have the most incapable of cultures and worst employee work force.
"My chunks of melon rang up wrong," I tell the cashier. "I thought I saw $5, this is charging me $7. If I'm missing something, let me know." She looks at screen and says, "you got 80 cents and 20 cents off your apple juice." With an attitude, I will add. She made the correction after I pointed out what item we were talking about. Goodness!
I told a security guard a truck has the window completely down in the parking lot. No one in the truck. Looks like could be valuables in the truck. That's what I said. I'm still around when the security came back and said, "I didn't see any windows down, you're talking about this truck right here, right?" He's making me think now, or maybe this is a trick on me? I go with him, then he says, "oh, you know what, I didn't check the passenger window." I guess I forgot to specify that. Oops, my bad. My goodness!
I tell the bank teller, "can I put half of this check in checking, the other in savings?" He puts half in checking, I get my receipt then he starts to count cash to give to me. I had to remind him, then he says, so "what we'll do is take this cash and put it into your savings." Goodness! Seriously?
What a failure employees are? How many times do they screw up each day? This is little stuff. I wonder when it really matters???