"Trump doubles down, says "both sides" to blame for VA. violence."
"Lincoln Memorial Vandalized with spray paint."
"The best free tourist attraction in every state."
"Baby sitter busted for horrible video she posted on snapchat."
"Concert alert: the most popular musicians touring this fall."
"Surprising foods you can and should grill."
"Charges sought for protestors who toppled confederate statue."
"Ezekiel Elliot files appeal."
"Robert Yancy, son of Natalie Cole, dead at 39."
"Paris Hilton says Trump accusers are vying for attention and fame."
"Taylor Swift wins assault case against DJ."
"The secret North Korean weapon doesn't need a missile."

This is just a few of hundreds and thousands all within seconds. I just don't care anymore. I just can't care anymore. Who has that kind of time? I don't have the time to care with the world. I used to watch local news every morning to be informed. That was 5 years ago. I don't anymore. I don't pay attention. My "voices matters?" My "vote counts?" Bull fucking shit times 50. If I had any say, if we had any say, it would all be different. But it's not. Go ahead and read your headlines. Go ahead and give yourselves headaches. Go ahead and believe you can. Go ahead and buy into all of it that you know nothing about. I have a beach to head to and drink something frosty.