The Arts Tax people are insane


It's the WORST tax. All regressive tax controversies aside, I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear it costs more to manage than it generates in revenue. It's what happens when we let the bleeding heart extreme have too much influence - good intentions, horrendous execution.
The tax just wasn't branded properly. If they called it an "Earth" tax, with "art" looking all fancy in the middle, everyone would be on board.
My favorite is the "fARTs" bumper sticker -- it re-assigns intersectionality to the misunderstood and marginal, yet shared, environment.
Getting use to The ol' Chicago squeeze, eh?
The Arts Tax has tried the last two years to charge me for my adult daughter who had moved out the year before. They even had her name listed first on the bill/envelope. I think this year I finally have it figured out...I hate that tax.