Thanks for Ruining Me, You Cheating Asshole


Want to start by saying I COMPLETELY understand this POV. However, your ability to trust and be functional is entirely on YOU, so spending your time blaming him will only hurt YOU.
Please be sure that new guy understands what you've been through--you would not want the half life of that previous toxic relationship to spill over into and ruin your new one. It wouldn't be fair to yourself, but more importantly, wouldn't be fair to new guy.
I want to preface this next statement with a big "NOT BLAMING YOU" sign:
YOU are in charge of how you deal with your issues. This is not a judgement or a dis or anything negative toward you, OP. I sincerely want you to get over this and be better.
Holy smoke r.a.y. there IS a compassionate bone in your body! Up to now I just assumed you were a total jerk. Sorry I judged you. That being said, I agree with r.a.y.. Congratulations, sweetie, celebrate your new relationship and leave the rest behind.
@veva: late reply, but I usually comment for the lolz.