Move Over? Right...


Have I seen bus drivers take a risk, absolutely. Have I seen them pull some illegal ass shit, absolutely. But lets be honest, it was rush hour traffic, you seen the blinker, and you decided you were more important and maybe someone else who is nicer will let them out right?

Brass tax, defensive drivers aren't at risk from a merging vehicle, because they've already anticipated its movement and prepared for it. Does't make the bus drivers actions right, but defensive driving is defensive driving - this is what they teach commercial drivers, and it's what they teach motorcycle riders.

Also, if you really want to spark some change for the better of the community, write to Trimet execs and tell them their timetable expectations for drivers (which sometimes eliminate any breaks at all and sometimes prompt disciplinary action for being late in rush hour traffic) are unrealistic and promote risky behavior on behalf of drivers who just want to keep their jobs.

Damn right Wicky! If someone can't anticipate the movements of a city bus they shouldn't be driving in the, um, CITY.
You'll show them! Keep it up Anon!
Bye the way, nowhere on N. Lombard is there a speed limits of 40mph.