Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 23 - 29, 2009

Vol. 9, No. 47
Tim Gunther


Missing: Home Plate

Was Memorial Coliseum Ever a Good Ballpark Site?

Don't Be So Dense

Northeast Neighborhood Discusses Smart Density

Sit, Lie, Disappear

Sit-Lie Law Faces Sunset as Arguments Prevail

Hall Monitor

Checks and Balances

In Other News

Visual Art


Celebrate Portland Fashion at the Mercury's Spring Show


Psycho Genius and Me

Exploitation and Madness in The Soloist


Earth Might Be Cute, But That Doesn't Make it Good.

This Isn't Spinal Tap

Anvil! Will Rock You

Sex, Drugs, and Ray-Bans

The Empty Sneer of The Informers

Sizing up Gigantic

Small Laughs, Big Problems

Dance, Dance, Révolution

Paris 36: A Musical Primer to Fascism!

I'm Staying Home: Mercury Video Picks

Battlestar: The Previous Generation

Film Shorts

This Week on Television


Sweat, Lies, and Videotape



La Dolce Vita

Bob Corn's Serious Joke

New Body, Old Souls

Have Faith in the Old Believers

Immortal Kombat

Kreator Survives German Law (and the '80s)

The Sound of Kuduro

Buraka Som Sistema's Social Statement

Up & Coming

Food and Drink

Island Time

Taste of Jakarta Puts Indonesia on Your Plate

Food News

Life in Cured Meats

Things To Do


Next Stop: Bridgetown