Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 3 - 9, 2011

Vol. 11, No. 37
Photo by Liz Devine Tattoo by Michael a. Freeman at Oddball Tattoo Studio


Victims and Criminals

Case Shows District Attorney Flip-Flops on Prosecution of Prostitutes

The Homeless Census

How Counting Every Homeless Person in Portland Is Impossible

Are You Ready to Die?

Scenes from the Next Big Quake

Justice for Kipp

Drunken Driver Sentenced in Kipp Crawford Case

Hall Monitor

This Town Needs an Enema!

In Other News


Journey to the Center of the Earth

Of Sanctum, Brendan Fraser, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A Charcoal Gray Comedy

Wild Target Is Pretty Tame

Poetic Journalism

Steven Soderbergh and Spalding Gray Team up Again

Film Shorts

In Which We Hit It and Quit It


Dance Off

Portland's tEEth Wins a Seattle Choreography Contest

Through the Rabbit Hole and Over the Rainbow

Third Rail's The Wonderful World of Dissocia



Reality Is Broken—Now Fix It

Patton Oswalt: Writer

Zombie Spaceship Wasteland

Burlesque as Social History

American Rose: The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee


Marlboro Reds and Immortality

Deconstructing Motörhead's Mythical Mouthpiece

The Maker

Daniel Lanois' Black Dub

Year of the Bunny

The Mysteries of Nobunny

Newer Wave

The Punk Rock Divorce of Against Me!

Up & Coming

Food and Drink

Honk if You're Lonesome Tonight

Pizza Delivery at 4 am That Won't Make You Feel Worse About Yourself


Bold Will Hold

Portland and the Art of Traditional American Tattooing

Things To Do