Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 17 - 23, 2005

Vol. 5, No. 42 Danny Hellman


Power to Persistence!

Is Corporate Greed On the Outs?

Hail to the Chief of Culture

How President Bush is Making the World a Better Place

Separate But Illegal

Some News on Same-Sex Marriage Is Good News

Second Class Citizens, Unite!

How Direct Action Can Save Same-Sex Marriage

Current Events

Things That Have Improved Since Bush

Why I Hate Air America

Or, Randi Rhodes is a Shrieking Harpy and Al Franken Hasn't Been Funny Since 1981

Visual Art

James Lavadour & Storm Tharp

My, What a Busy Week!

Thanks, Just Looking

Shopping Is The New Activism

Put Some Progress in Your Pants

Visual Arts Listings


Deer Attack!

No. Seriously. Deer Attack in The Ring Two.

Toy Soldiers

The Insight and Challenge of Gunner Palace

Ice Princess is Brilliant!

No, Wait--It's Another Disney Shitfest

Geek Out

Virtual Blaxploitation

This Week on TV

Videogame Warmongering

Now 300% More Realistic, Thanks to Bush!

Cinematic Revolution

Film Shorts



Theater Listings


Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

Light Before Day

Readings Listings

Literary Revolution


Make Believe

The Decemberists' Fawning Fables

Fixing What Ain't Broke

Low, Sub Pop and the Seven-Album Itch

Don't Miss A Beat

Lateef and Quannum Still Come Correct


It's Who You Know

CD Review

Live Music Listings

DJ Listings

Up & Coming

Food and Drink

Too Pretty For Portland

H20: A Happy Hour Destination

St. Patrick's Day Events

Don't Panic, Buy Organic!

George W. Bush: Fueling the Organic Revolution