Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 28 - Aug. 3, 2011

Vol. 12, No. 10
Joƫlle Jones


Unmeasured Justice

Study Reveals Shocking Stats on Measure 11's Racial Impact

Mutiny at Milepost 5

Residents Get Uppity at High-Profile Live-Work Arts Project

Hall Monitor

Plastic Defenders

Visual Art

Disarming Disability

Disability and Art Start at the Door at A Somewhat Secret Place


Gunfight at the E.T. Corral

Six-shooters and Lasers in Cowboys & Aliens

Crazy, Stupid, Tedious, Unfunny Love

Steve Carell Can't Be Trusted

A Band of Brothers

A Tribe Called Quest and the Art of Buggin' Out

I'm Going Out

Muppets Forever

Film Shorts


Showing at the Seams

Peeling the Layers Off An Oak Tree

Keep Shakespeare Weird

The Portland Shakespeare Project's Vital As You Like It


Little Birds, Big Questions

Anders Nilsen Gets Existential


On the Butcher Block

Le Butcherettes Cross the Border

Platform Boots on the Beach

Ty Segall Gets Out of the Garage

Up & Coming

Highlights in music the week of July 28-August 3

Food and Drink

McMenamins' Crown Jewel

Can Zeus Overcome it's Family's Reputation?


A Brief History of How Portland Became the Best Comics City in America

(And Some Interludes About Can-Can Girls, Giant Pokémon, Family Punk Bands, and Other Insanity from Comic-Con)

PDX Approved

Your Favorite Restaurants, Retail, Nightlife, And More!

Float On, Big Float

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Willamette River

Things To Do