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23 Hoyt

Happy Hour: Daily 4-6:30 pm.

Alleyway Cafe & Bar

Happy Hour: Daily 3-7 pm.


Armory Café


Aviary’s three chefs produce what they call “eclectic” small plates, which often translates as dishes with a French or Asian influence. It’s well crafted, well...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 5-7 pm.

Bailey's Taproom

Bailey's Taproom isn't just the best beer bar downtown, it's become one of the best places to get a pint in all of Portland. Boasting a staggering, quickly rota...

Bar Carlo

Happy Hour: Mon, Wed-Sun 3-6 pm.


Bread & Ink Café

Broder Nord

Burnside Brewing Co.

Happy Hour: Tue-Thu 3-6 pm.

Café Castagna

Café Murrayhill

Caldera Public House

Happy Hour: Tue-Sun 5-6 pm, 9 pm-midnight.

Castagna & Café Castagna


The family-owned Cerulean Skies vineyard, based in Hood River, produces a full range of wine, which are on offer at their in-town tasting room. They also serve...

Happy Hour: Tue-Sat 2-6 pm.

Country Cat Dinner House

Davis Street Tavern

Where Old Town goes to get classy. Outside Davis Street's enormous old windows, MAX trains rumble and assorted muttering neighborhood denizens shuffle by, but i...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-6 pm; Sat 3-5 pm.


Happy Hour: Daily 3-6 pm.

Enzo's Caffe Italiano

Chef Enzo Lanzadoro, a native of the seaport of Bari, prides himself on a Southern Italian menu that folks will find nowhere else in Portland. Even standard tra...


Starters are simple, and highlight key ingredients. A dish of deep purple roasted beets, jewel-like in an olive-oil sheen, is adorned with salsa verde and chopp...

Five-O-Three Restaurant & Bar

Happy Hour: Tue-Sat 4-6 pm, 10:30 pm-midnight.

Food Front

Ford Food & Drink

A simple and open cafe that emphasizes a european aesthetic and wholesome local food. Open for breakfast, lunch, and happy hour. Plus occasional live music....

Happy Hour: Daily 5-7 pm.

Foster & Dobbs


Happy Hour: Tue-Fri 4-6 pm.

Grain & Gristle

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-5 pm.


Irving Street Kitchen

Happy Hour: Daily 4:30-6 pm.

Jam on Hawthorne

Happy Hour: Mon-Thu 5:30-7 pm.

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