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24th & Meatballs

Tabla Mediterranean Bistro, mothership of this mix 'n' match meatball outpost, loaned generous amounts of skill and finesse to the menu here. Heroes, panini, an...

Batter Griddle & Drinkery

Bollywood Theater

Perhaps the best way to start experiencing the food at Bollywood Theater are the individual Thali meals ($11-13). These feature a generous serving of spicy egg...

Breakside Brewery


Broder Nord

Cathedral Park Restaurant

A great little spot to have a hand crafted cocktail and take in a wonderful view of the St. John's Bridge.

Cedo's Falafel and Gyros

First in the offing is the doner gyro sandwich. Unlike most of the joyless versions around town, this bountiful item overflows with juicy, springy, thick sliced...


The family-owned Cerulean Skies vineyard, based in Hood River, produces a full range of wine, which are on offer at their in-town tasting room. They also serve...

Channel's Edge



This handsome new space has made a considerable investment in an imported Italian wood- and gas-fired dome pizza oven, gussied with forno bling and boasting a d...



Enzo's Caffe Italiano

Chef Enzo Lanzadoro, a native of the seaport of Bari, prides himself on a Southern Italian menu that folks will find nowhere else in Portland. Even standard tra...



When I walk into Expatriate, it's as though I assume the identity of the urbane, civilized person I was meant to be. Expatriate is a room to disappear into, adj...

Fat Head's Brewery

Food Innovation Center

Forge Taste

Fulio's Pastaria & Tuscan Steakhouse

Fusspot Chicken

Grand Vines (Salem)


The offerings at Grassa are robust, and often intense. This isn't a feather on a fulcrum, it's a barbell, and it's remarkably balanced. For that, as well as for...



Harvest at the Bindery

High Water Mark

Hip Cooks

Not actually a restaurant, Hip cooks offers cooking classes in a variety of styles for $55 a pop.

HK Café

HK Café: a delicious dim sum find! The dining room at HK Café is the size of a gymnasium, with spaciously arranged tables for 20, tables for two,...

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