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An Xuyen Bakery


Best Baguette

Binh Minh Bakery & Deli

Bun Bo Hue

Double Dragon

My recent introduction to this lunch-only restaurant came in the form of a friend's incredulous, "EIGHT BUCKS FOR A BANH MI?! BUT I MIGHT WANT A FAMILY SOME DAY...

Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 4-6pm.

Fish Sauce

Ha & VL

This legendary Vietnamese family’s soup shop is a bit further east than many visitors will travel, but we’ll say that the experience is worth the extra Lyft dol...

Ha & Vl Sandwich & Soup

Hanoi Kitchen

p>PHO RESTAURANTS are about as prevalent as bus stops here, but pho is just a minor player in Hanoi Kitchen's lineup. It's a family-run operation: Mom is at the...

Huong's Vietnamese Food

Jade Bistro

Jin Wah

Not your typical oil and grease filled chinese food. Nice service, reasonable prices, and decent dim sum.

Jin Wah


Happy Hour: Tue-Sun 5-6pm.

Lela's Bistro

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen

It's baffling that there aren't more places downtown like Lúc Lác, given the newish Vietnamese restaurant's incredible popularity. On the surface, there's nothi...

Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 4-7 pm.

Mekong Vietnamese Grill

My Canh

Phờ An Sandy

Phờ Dalat

Phờ Oregon


Phờ Gia Restaurant & Lounge

Phờ Sam

Pho An Sandy

Quán Linh Asian Bistro

Short Round


Happy Hour: Mon-Sat 3-6 pm.

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