How do you guys feel about the maxi dress trend? I think they're awesome...but then again, I don't wear dresses (at least not yet, anyway).
From Veronique Branquinho:

From Stella McCartney:

Why aren't I seeing them in Portland more often? The whole neo-hippie vibe seems like a good fit...maybe it just hasn't been warm enough yet?
Elizabeth Dye was telling me that she's been getting a lot of "I don't know where/how to wear" comments.
I say: they're super easy, just throw one on, add some flip flops and go anywhere. They dress up really easy, too—just add a stack of gold bangles and they're wedding-ready.

Elizabeth Dye, makes this silk chiffon version to measure at The English Department, 1124 SW Alder St.

This cotton jersey frock is made by Veronica M in Los Angeles and retails for $118, at Mable & Zora, 749 NW 11th Ave.
Model: Susan DeFilipi