Another MOD Q & A! This installment: Pamela Baker-Miller whose new store Frances May is one of a number of shops, which, along with the looming Ace Hotel, have galvanized the "West End" of downtown. Here's what's on her mind these days:

What are your picks of this season from your store?
A Mooka Kinney Romper:


Rachel Comey high waisted camp shorts, Church + State's Work Horse Jacket:


A Samantha Pleet blue mini dress, and Christian Joy's Bridge Top.

Favorite Places to eat?
Simpatica for brunch, and Clyde Common for happy hour. Cheap eats are Pho Hung and the Mexican food cart on 50th and Division.

Drink of choice?
Everyday drink: vodka soda, hard day drink: Makers on the rocks, end of the night: Budweiser bottle.

What summer music are you playing at your store?
Au Revoir Simone, Paul Simon's Graceland , and the Beach Boys.

Travel destination and dream companion?
Brazil with all my girlfriends.

Favorite quote?
"You could be a part-time model." -Flight of the Concords

Items in your wear-every-day outfit?
A charm necklace, a Mina Stone dress or jeans and deep-v neck, Minnetonkas.

What Portland event/concert are you looking forward to?
I never know who's playing until the day of. The TBA festival is right around the corner.

Last thing you bought?

Ditto shorts.