A couple of years ago the Dragontree won the Mercury's holiday charity auction item to have a "glowing review" in our paper, which I was assigned to write. It was then that I first was introduced to the day spa's philosophy that things like massage should not be considered purely luxurious, but as part of maintaining health. In addition to things like facials and waxing, they also offer acupuncture and ayurvedic treatments both to achieve better general health and to tackle specific problems. In researching and interviewing for the article, I became so tempted by the soothing environment and the argument that I absolutely needed a massage for the good of my health that I eventually caved and blew a bunch of money on one of the Dragontree's extremely tempting monthly specials (this month's: a rosemary lime foot soak and 20-minute scalp massage followed by an hour-long deep tissue massage and a facial with cucumber eye treatment, $220. Ugh, my muscles melt just thinking about it.)

If you haven't checked out the space, tucked away in NW Portland, consider dropping by this evening for the anniversary celebration from 6-9 pm. Or just go to the web site and read the list of services and see how long it takes before you succumb to the 30-minute hand massage (oh my poor typing fingers… ) or head, neck, and shoulder rubs…

The Dragontree's yoga room