60s Mick meant tailored suits, tight jeans, floral tops, floppy hats, Chelsea boots, shiny loafers, slouchy sweaters, enormous belts. The man could, and did, wear everything. Let that be a lesson to us all--you don't have to settle for one definitive look. As versatile as he was, however, there is a big distinction mid-60s Mick and late 60s Mick. Which do you guys like best?

Mid-60s Mick
This kinder, gentler Mick wore lots of sweaters. The pants were still tight, though.

Late-60s Mick
Even tighter pants, tighter tee, shiny shiny wingtips, and an amazing shag! Rockstar Mick is born.

Another great thing about 60s Mick is that you can easily copy his look.
A slim sweater: Parallel
A tight pair of jeans and a big belt: Local 35
Sweet, shiny wingtips: Hollywood Vintage
Extra-small tees: Tender Loving Empire