Yesterday marked the first day of operations for Winn Perry, the men's emporium just opened by the young gentleman Jordan Sayler:


The Winn Perry blog (linked above) does an excellent job of giving an overview of the store's contents--step inside and you can will be able to order a custom suit via the store's partnership with Duchess Clothier (or something off the rack from Duchess' Viceroy collection, exclusive to the store) or simply pick up some Oregon Wild Hair mustache wax, made from beeswax so as not to melt in hot beverages (!).

A customer makes arrangements for a Duchess suit

Duchess' Seyta Selter shows off the festive lining of one of her jackets

The store is filled with merchandise carefully selected for quality--Sayler's guiding principle is to only sell things that are built to last, and with the exception of the toiletries, one might even consider passing some of these pieces down to a younger generation. A smart pair of suspenders from Albert Thurston in new wool with hand stitched goatskin tabs, for instance, is an indisputable classic--the company has been active since 1820, and as my colleague Matt Davis was enthused to discover, is responsible for the suspenders worn in Wall Street, the 1987 Oliver Stone film starring Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas. Beautiful silk ties with bright, rich colors and interesting but tasteful designs by Sovereign Beck and Duncan Quinn fill a void where flash meets class.

Bay Rhum cologne from Santa Cruz, CA company Meehan smells good enough to drink. Made with all natural ingredients, it was, at one point, intended for just that. Like a spicy liqueur for your face...

Edwin Jagger shaving supplies from Sheffield, England underscore the luxurious ritual that a close, clean shave can, and arguably should, be

Handsome shoes from England's venerable Grenson

A piece by Emma Franklin, who in addition to her witty pins and cuff links makes exquisite cock rings (not sold at Winn Perry)

Winn Perry currently has a lot of warm weather apparel from Obedient Sons and crisp shirts from Seize sur Vingt. Closer to fall, look for traditional Danish fisherman sweaters from S.N.S. Herning (each is individually signed by the person who made it), Billy Kirk mason bags, Alexander Olch ties, hats (fedoras and caps) from local Pinkham Millinery, and more.

Men, check this place out. It's a favor being extended to you.