In one single day I have received two excited announcements from two Portland stores heralding the arrival of the latest season of Epice scarves. Often praised for their unique ability to lend a quintessentially French air of effortless elegance with minimal pairings (think jeans and solid tops), I spoke with Giovanna Parolari of Una and Athena Frazier of Covet to find out what all the excitement is about. Parolari has been carrying them over the past several seasons, and both she and Frazier--who just added a stash of them to the selection at her newish boutique--used words like "special," "unique," and "not outrageous" to describe the rich patterns and colors of the scarves, with are Danish-designed and headquartered in Paris. "They are unlike anything else out there," commented Parolari, who has also ordered some pieces from the company's higher end selection. "They are really textile based," added Frazier, who points out that they are ideal for the current weather, with rich, intricate weaves, and add a pop of color to an outfit but stop short of being distracting. "I don't like a lot of print-based things," admits Frazier. "I find that I get tired of them quickly. But you can wear these scarves several days in a row and not feel as though you're wearing the same thing."

If you're aiming to master the fine French art of successful scarf-wearing, this may be an excellent place to start. Go play: Una is located at 2808 SE Ankeny (Have you seen the blog? You must!), and Covet is at 429 SW 10th.

Epice scarves at Covet

A scarf from the summer collection at Una