I stumbled upon an awesome old sewing machine while browsing through an antique store in Long Beach, Washington this weekend. Since it was pink and in pristine condition, I had to buy it. It's a Morse Push Button Zig Zag sewing machine (model number TZ7). It's all metal, and weighs about 1,236,785 pounds. I've been trying to find out more about this thing, but I've had little luck. What I did find out is that Morse sewing machines were made in Japan and distributed by Morse Distributing Corp. of New York. Morse sewing machines were actually made by the same dude who started the Toyota Car Company, which helped me understand why the word "TOYOTA" is stamped into the bottom of my machine.

Are there any vintage sewing machine collectors out there who know anything more about Morse sewing machines? I'd never heard of them until I saw this one, and I'm so curious about them.