Once again, Oh Baby lingerie boutique is inviting you to explore the world of corsetry. Historically (pun intended) I've always associated modern corset wearing with Renaissance Fair enthusiasts and other fringe-y cultures that are essentially twice-removed Dungeons & Dragons fans (not that there's anything wrong with that, up with geeks, etc). Last year I attended the event at Oh Baby, and tried on a beautiful, simple black corset from Vollers (my first time!) and just kind of hung out in the store wearing it (and, er, drank cognac). I still can't fully imagine wearing a corset as outerwear, but I loved the shape the corset gave me (and hello, posture), and I thought that, if I had the money to throw around on it, it would be supremely awesome to have a skirt suit custom made to fit over my corseted frame. Vollers is featured again this year, which is really so far removed from any costume-y, tacky corset you've encountered--totally glam--as well as Isabella Corsetry, a New Orleans company that's only been around for four years (compare that with Vollers' 1899 founding). If you're already a corset initiate, wear it for 10% off your corset purchase, a discount you can also confer onto a friend you bring along. If you've ever been curious about corsets, this is an ideal way to experiment. It all goes down this evening, from 6:30-8:30 pm at the Broadway shop (1811 NE Broadway).