Like Marjorie I want to reinvent myself for the Obama years. The first thing I'm going to do? Get rid of my hoodie. Well...maybe gradually phase it out, as, like 90 percent of Portland men, I'm kind of attached to it.
The reason we love our hoodies? They're practical, the perfect layering piece for our fluctuating weather. I have mine on me at all times--under a jacket, over a tee shirt, in my bag ready to ward off errant chills.
My grandma had her shawl, I've got my hoodie.
So what could possibly replace our collective security blanket?
I nominate the cardigan. It's versatile and warm, but a lot more polished.
Perfect for The New America.
Check out these options.

Trovata at Parallel, $188

A-Z Collection at Stand Up Comedy, $209

Wood Wood at Stand Up Comedy, $280
*this is not a vest, it's a sleeveless cardigan!