Just when you thought the Snowpocalypse was over, you wake up this morning to slurpy, slushy sidewalks and puddles two to four yards in diameter. It's one thing to wear high heels on a bike, or in the rain, but unless you're into falling on your keyster and ruining your shoes (there's nothing like a broken heel to ruin your day), there's just no getting around the necessity of boots you can walk on ice and through slush in. Take stock of your options now, and make sure you have at least one waterproof pair, at least one with treads, and plenty of low heels to help you balance.


This is what I opted for today on my walk to work. The basic wellie is a sound investment for these climes, with waterproofing and treads (they did great when the 'lypse was in full effect and the ice had created its own topography over all the side streets. Didn't fall once.) Parallel (1122 NW Marshall) carries them.


Frye boots are another classic that works year round. Everyone I know who has these has had them for at least five years. Imelda's (3426 SE Hawthorne, 935 NW Everett) stocks them.

If you're in the market for something less basic, here are a few that are stylish but not too treacherous:


These are by Georgina Goodwin, and are 60% off right now at Olive.


I think these No. 6 boots are brilliant. You can find them—along with a delicious shearling-lined tall version—at Stand Up Comedy (811 E Burnside), where they are 30% off (you can get 40% off your purchase if you buy two eligible items, 50% if you buy three). While you're there don't forget to huff on the Six Scents unisex fragrances. It's a limited edition (this is Series One) collection of designer/perfumer collaboration, and they're really remarkable. My favorite is #3.


These Momas from Halo (1425 NE Broadway) are very Dickensian and kind of goth. It's a good option if you want to keep a nice shape on your legs while still protecting your wool tights from the spray of passing cars.