One of my big new year's resolutions is to start a successful blog and make tons of money and move to some tropical place and drink slushie alcoholic drinks all day. Easy peasy, I'm sure. One lady that's mostly done this (though she chooses to kick back in our fare city instead of at the beach) is the lovely Chelsea Fuss of {frolic!}. The blog is like a sugary treat, featuring a variety of simply lovely things: photos from her always beautiful adventures in Portland, new clothes from local and not-so-local designers, magazine cutouts of beautifully-styled rooms, pics of backyard parties that she's styled. Chelsea is so good at blogging that late last year she was able to leave her nine-to-five to blog full time, so I asked her some questions about her blogging start to see where everything went so right. Check the Q&A after the jump.

chelseastyle.jpg photo by john valls, styled by chelsea fuss

MERC: Tell me about why you blog and how you got started.
CHELSEA FUSS: In 2006, I returned to a corporate retail job after deciding to close my floral design business. I wasn’t working on the creative end of things any longer so I was looking for a new creative outlet. At about that same time, I discovered blogs. I was amazed at all the creativity being showcased through crafting and design blogs. I am always collecting images from magazines and making note of cool things I see. I always try to share them with people (friends and family) who are mostly disinterested! It’s a lot easier to collect it all in the format of a blog and share it with the world. I love being able to get feedback on my own projects, find people who appreciate the same things I do, and I love being able to spread the word about small artists and businesses- that is actually the most thrilling part of what I do. Nothing makes me happier than getting an email from an artisan or small business owner telling me they’ve just placed a bunch of orders because of a write up on my blog. I’ve also been able to market my own work. Most of the freelance jobs I land are a result of someone reading my blog.

MERC: What else do you love about blogs?
CF: Blogging has helped me keep up with design trends and stay on the cusp of new ideas. If I hadn’t gotten involved with blogging I think I may have fallen behind in that regard. I also love that blogging is basically a grassroots effort in marketing small businesses and craftspeople. I think it is so exciting that anyone can have a blog and share their work with the world instead of waiting around for some editor to put it in a fancy magazine. The community is also very supportive and positive. Really, you mostly see just the nice side of people! I love that.

MERC: What about your advertisers. Do you make any money or does it just keep the site going?
It was a tough decision whether or not to allow sponsors and advertisers on my site but because I did, blogging has almost turned into a full-time job. Running a blog is extremely low-cost. So there is a lot of opportunity for profit. I decided to only accept advertising from very small businesses. I make it very inexpensive for them. I really believe in supporting small businesses. So this was an angle I could take on advertising that would still make me feel like I was contributing something instead of just being greedy.