The good weather is so close, yet so far away, no? We're in the home stretch (Spring officially starts on Friday, for whatever that's worth) but a look outside the window falls somewhat short of promising. While I have tried, and can attest to, the pleasantness of a visit to Löyly even in the dead of summer, there are still plenty of gray, rainy days ahead that will make you want to escape inside the clean white spaciousness of the Southeast Portland retreat. Löyly no doubt far surpasses your usual gym-sauna experience, with appointments available for relaxing massages, single-serving beauty and aromatherapy products like house made salt scrubs and foot baths and facial products, a wonderful steam room spiked with herby additions like lemon grass, cleansing tea, salty snacks and wine and beer to help you adjust to post-sauna life—it's such a good way to cope through these final months of blah and SAD, it really is. Fans of the spot already know that they have gone through a number of adjustments to their pricing in recent months, with different options adjusted for the length of time you plan to spend, a flexibility I'm a fan of. The best deal has always been the punch card, good for five visits up to three hours each (separately visits of that length, the longest offered, go for $25 a pop), and while they usually cost $100 each, starting today and through Sunday the 22nd, punch cards are on sale for only $85! So for goodness' sake, relax.