You could appreciate the new line of bags called Jonny Sport from at least two angles. Politically, you could admire the fact that they are made and owned (by Rachel Elizabeth and Dan Revel) locally in Portland and are 100 percent vegan, and/or you can just love the fact that they are made out of the durable synthetic used to make basketballs, which bodes well for durability and is a just plain cool idea. Not to mention it's a great color.


They're also priced very reasonably:


The everything bag, recommended for, ahem, everything from groceries to diapers to use as a travel carry on, is $200.


The weekend bag is $300.


And the kit bag is $70, and intended for travel toiletries and such, although I also like what they've done with it here:


These are brand new (the company launched March 29) and available only online. Also check out the blog for the full story of how the basketball bags were born.