Lately I'm particularly excited about textile design. Sunday's Forecast fashion show is going to debut the work of Dana Bruington, who makes great, colorful, graphic fabrics—I'm so excited to have them on the runway! Then Adam Arnold's spring show was a riot of delicious prints and textures—it makes sense, in fact, that Arnold is going to be using Bruington's fabric in his own portion of Forecast.

But there are more such collaborations afoot. Garnish Apparel's Erica Lurie is in cahoots with painter and illustrator Sam Tudyk to fuse their mediums in a collection that will debut on First Friday, May 1st at Tilde (6-9 pm). The clothing (skirts and dresses), of course, is still in the works, but here's a glimpse of one of the patterns they're working with:


Details are in the mail (sorry)!