Under the direction of second owner Tacee Webb (who purchase it from original founders and design stalwarts Holly Stalder and Kate Towers), landmark Portland boutique Seaplane has picked up stakes and moved to what is now its third location at 2266 NW Lovejoy (so, not far from its former address 827 NW 23rd). More significant is the move being made by the space's new tenant, IDOM, formerly located on NE Alberta. I think this is going to be a great move for the shop, to a tony area blessed with plenty of foot traffic. Meanwhile, Webb explains how things are shaping up at Seaplane, arguably the birthplace of Portland apparel design, as they weather through the crappy times:

With less rent and overhead we can focus on being more creative and have a sewing room at the shop for
designers to utilize on site. It is turning into much more of a true collective/cooperative now where the designers who run the shop make all the profit on their pieces in exchange for working hours at the store. It our way of adapting to the new economy so our designers can still keep a good income and now have the benefit of access to our computers, machines, etc. They can meet clients they are doing custom work for at Seaplane as well.


Dress by Claire de Faye