I just got back from a trip to Mexico, where it was so hot and humid that for the first few days my PNW-adjusted body pretty much shut down from being capable of doing much more than reading magazines in and around the pool in various states of undress, occasionally stirring long enough to pour some tequila down my throat, the four sets of running clothes I foolishly packed mocking me from across the casa... When I did get restless and roll into town to, say, buy an octopus off of one of the local fisherman, or an 8-pack (yes! so much better than a 6-pack!) of Pacifico from my neighborhood tienda, I wanted something loose and simple that I could throw over my still-drying bikini bottoms and go. I have such things: they're called simple cotton sundresses. I only packed two of them, though, and the other girls I was traveling with were also bemoaning their lack of foresight in not packing more of them. The result was that we relied on them for daytime just as often as our denim daisy dukes and tank tops, leaving us with nothing special to get dressed up in for salsa night. A sad situation, I know.

Looking at the latest S/S '09 looks from Lucia Apparel, I see a few things that would have come in handy on the trip, though even just kicking it riverside in PDX calls for a similar arrangement. Click over to Lucia's Etsy site to see all the pics of the new stuff (hopefully they will update the main web site too, which appears to have been sporting the same season for altogether too many years!). These are just my faves:


These bitty mini-dresses are technically billed as nighties, but do you really care?


I don't know if I would have been down with sleeves like this in the heat of midday, but this would have been a slam dunk at salsa night!

(Photography by Misha Ashton)