Tie dye is officially back!! I know what you’re envisioning: a greying, long-haired Jerry Garcia in an over-sized, swirled t-shirt. But not to worry, the Grateful Dead was just the early beginnings of tie dye, and it only gets better. While you can always find the usual hippie-dippy tie-dyed dresses and skirts, it's the current tie-dyed jeans phenomenon that really stands out.

Tie-dyed denim has been popping up all over the place: on Gwen Stefani, on Victoria Beckham, on Kate Moss in French Vogue and in Diesel's spring/summer collection. I think of it as a softer, more blooming version of acid-wash. It’s edgy, but still lightens up denim for the summer. And though you may be skeptical at first, it will grow on you. Tie-dye is just plain fun!

For those who favor elastic-waisted pants (and who doesn’t sometimes?), tie-dyed leggings are also out there, offered by American Apparel ,Urban Outfitters and other purveyors of hip fashion trends.

Look at these specimens of attractive tie-dyed denim and tell me you don't want a pair:


Gwen Stefani in Current/Elliott tie-dyed jeans.


Victoria Beckham in Balmain tie-dyed denim.